8th shamanic letter


From Fohlis and HJH

8th Shamanic letter



What is a BuChri?


A BuChri is a being belonging to the human species, but having recognized himself to a certain degree he is consequently searching for his creational task as a so- called purificator, trying to live his task consequently.

BuChris are different from religious or spiritual (esoterical) persons in that way that they do not live after any teaching, old scriptures, dogma, institutions and so on, but they look disengaged and free for the truthfulness inside their deepest inner self. Everyone on his own, but they also help each other in doing this. Inside of the earth and apart they look for and nearly always find spiritual support in the external like minerals, plants, animals, consequently other purificators, nature spirits, elemental spirits, beings in the first heaven consisting of purest love, creational forces already heaving become to light who are in the terminal heaven, plus light- beings in the fifth, forth and third dimension. Yes, beings that can be found in dimensions outside of the planet earth. The BuChris try in all their being to live as original alchemists, which means to separate the things in a fine and careful manner and to join them but not in a material way but in a spiritual way inside themselves. They dissolve everything that has been educated, artificial things inside of them, so that finally the only thing that remains is their true self, their purest love, their soul, that has chosen this way of development at the beginning of the creation.

They do not let themselves distract or stop by job, family, society, but go their way consequently. Because inside of them and from out of themselves they know that it is their task in this life to let one’s soul develop towards its idol who is in the first heaven and supports the soul. The soul wants this development because it longs to be free from all the sufferance, all its contrary. In all its ways the soul wants to produce light instead of darkness. The BuChris have two great models: on the one hand Buddha, Siddharta Gautama, and on the other hand Jesus Christ (Joshua). Only the truthful lives of the two serve as models to them and not what humans have made out of it afterwards. Day by day the BuChris try to walk their way as consequently as Buddha and Jesus have done but by far they do not always succeed. Both have left their families and relatives, friends and neighbours to go their way, loosened and freed from society’s expectations, decrees, orders etc. BuChris do this without ignoring the existing law on the spot, but they reject morality that is constantly changing with society. They also reject old scriptures where nobody knows how much veracity they contain and how much is left of their original sense, if they even have been changed in order to manipulate humans into a certain direction.

The more so as much has changed and we live in a changed/ different world. While making a mistake you are better off it comes from out of yourself because it is more likely to recognize and you can correct yourself and by this understand yourself and this creation. BuChris reject extremes of any kind.

Instead of that they search for the golden mean that everyone has to recognize for himself in order to walk it successfully. No one should have romantical ideas of a BuChri’s life. It is a hard and stony path to live your life with self-knowledge. But they find it is the only possibility to gain peace, freedom and love inside for them. No politics or religion can attain this for humans. Humans can only achieve this when they develop highest concentration on their spiritual energies and forces of the inside and outside and by this constantly lead their true self to freedom, peace and love and at the same time dissolve sufferance internal and external. All this is only possible, when you join yourself with all the energies made by creation and become one with them. Separate and connect what belongs together. An original alchemist practises all this on the spiritual/ mental level and not with material substances as in the known alchemy. When the forces up there work together with those down there a common thing, they develop themselves to the purest you can find in this creation. That is exactly what a BuChri wants without any compromises. A BuChri does not expect everybody to do so because he knows quite well, that only few in each generation have the potential to walk this way, but they don’t feel themselves as something better as those humans who walk a different way.

Instead they are open-.minded and allow everybody who is interested to get an insight into their life. You can visit them, for one week, one month, one year, up to you how much you like, or rather if you bring along enough respect. That is nearly the only thing you need in order to spend a while with us. Plus enough courage to live in the wonderful natural landscape of west- . As many shall be telling you in the civilization, how dangerous this region is, where illnesses shall bother you, maybe even take your life. Those humans do not mention how many people die in the traffic each year, or because of cancer, heart attack, strokes, other civilization illnesses, criminality etc.

But it is your decision, if you feel confident enough to come here, to experience/ understand yourself and maybe this creation. Honestly, here in west Africa there is diseases you also find elsewhere in the tropical belt. But when you sensitize yourself, have a healthy nutrition and are in balance with nature, there are a lot of possibilities to live respectfully in this world what makes you grow. A natural life in humility is the key for BuChris: learning from nature and in nature what it means to be a human who lives and acts with a sense of responsibility in this world. Who tries never to upgrade any being, any species or to degrade but instead to preserve everything as a well- balanced total respectively to regain this state by acting in a well- balanced manner with the whole creation, the spiritual creation as well as the material creation. This means at the same time in truthful creational love and not mind- love that always has a beginning and an end. On the contrary to the creational love which has always been present and will always exist, no matter what decision we take in life and how we are. Do you feel like more? This decision is up to you and no one can help you about this. Note that acting consequently is the key to success in order to gain peace, freedom and love. Do not expect 14 days in west- and everything in your life shall be better. No, being an original alchemist one should practice his whole life because the self- knowledge/ realization never stops when you go on looking for it. For the BuChris this has become the most important thing in life, they want to achieve creational knowledge inside themselves as much as possible and grow by it. Thus Buddha, Jesus, Maria Magdalena did in their time and us BuChris do so today. What do you want?

If you want to know more about the BuChris’ life you are invited to study their homepage with love in the heart or or come to visit us personally in order to get to know us.


It is not possible to keep the two websites updated any time, because we are in a constant development which always brings change, as it is provided by the creation for purificators. Still we make the effort of updating as often as we can. In the German magazine BRIGITTE you find a reportage of us in number 6/ 2012.

With love in the heart saying goodbye, the BuChri- teacher and student Jürgen with his co- author Fohlis,

Bena Montagne, 03/07/2012

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