7th. Shamanic letter


From Fohlis and HJH

7th. Shamanic letter



“A philosophy asks for attention! It originates from feelings which a man felt when he started understanding the creation step by step. This process endured for many years.

This man does not make the demand of completeness, but he rather knows that this philosophy is constantly increasing because he himself develops and therefore his consciousness of this creation grows day by day.

And still he ventures to publish these letters which can explain a large part of this creation for all people who are in search of truth to give them the possibility to examine this philosophy objectively, to verify it. Everything that is responsible for the origin of the known material world, but also the matter which is outside of our customary perception has originated because of the purest love and by the purest love.

Unfortunately, we humans have no other word to name what I can perceive there. Since the word love is not at all sufficient because this energy is greater, more delightful, brighter. This love cannot be grasped with words.

Particularly as the word love is generally used to describe a feeling originated in our mind/ brain and is therefore always connected with expectations. If these expectations don’t come true, this love will dissolve in lightning-speed. Maybe even will turn into its contrary, into hatred. Still I cannot help but use the word love because there is no other word available. But it should be clear now to everybody , when I speak of love, I don’t mean love in the common sense which humans express, guided by their mind. Since this love because of which the creation has originated always exists. It never stops being present, for everybody and everything, also for those people who are easily called bad persons, no matter for what reason. This love is also constantly available to them if one has the necessary consciousness/ awareness to receive it.

This love is one with the words inner freedom, peace and respect, because the creative love contains all this.

All being is entitled to peace, freedom and respect. These are basic qualities which everybody has to keep for himself and all being.

If this was realised nowadays on our earth, people would have no problems. Only while people refuse others this creative fundamental right, the natural energy flow is disturbed, even brought to the shutdown. That is why the typical human problems like indisposition, illness, avarice, all in all, grief originate. And this grief can only be dissolved by consciousness about the things. By consciousness the energy flows can flow again and there originates peace, freedom and respect, which means the creative love would be lived again by humans.

This means that love no further originates from the mind, but arises from our soul, our spiritual creativity force. This kind of love being accepted by our mind expresses itself in our whole being: in our thoughts, our words and in our actions. This means we would at the same time embody our creative love, the real sense/ destination of this creation.

Since if creative love is expressed in and about the matter/ material world, our soul can develop to something higher, purer, more charming, namely to its model/ idol. Being in the first sky, this model supports with its energy a soul to develop to the highest level possible in the matter/ material world, so that it becomes able to leave the matter and to flow onto a level which was created exclusively for for creative forces (souls) who have already made their development to become to light (so-called creative forces having become light).


By the whole creation there has never ever arisen something punitive, avenging or condemning. Still, however, this creation has brought forth temptation. It is always contrary/ opposed to your personal creative nature. If you resist this temptation by consciousness, it makes your soul grow. Your soul shall develop itself thereby to something higher closer to its idol. Every time when people do not recognise the temptation consciously, they act against their own creative nature and an energy which is opposed to the energy of your own soul, your creative love, is thereby created.

All this opposite energy of all people attracts following the principle or equality- negative energy fields which act as a counterpart of the creative love in this world and darkness grows instead of light. Because light can only be produced by the creative love.

These negative energy fields have an effect on everything where they find a resonance, they generate war, hatred, envy, greed, illness, indisposition, all in all, grief. Every single person who lives and operates unawarely contributes to the fact that this energy on the whole earth grows and grows. But there is hope, because every consciously acting person can reduce this darkness and change in light.

What is, actually, consciousness? Is there a connexion between consciousness and intelligence or education? Does consciousness originate from practicing a religion? Clearly no! Since if this was the key, everything in this world would have to be in order. Since we have never had so many educated people on this earth. Since never before so many people belong to the so-called world religions. In 2011 is the year with most wars in this world, since one has started regarding these statistics.


And it seems as if these statistics can still be topped. But how does consciousness originate then now?

This is probably even more difficult to explain than the creative love. Since how do you explain colours or even a whole painting to a blind person?

Still I would like to try it, because only by consciousness among the people the creative love can grow. I explain it to the BuChri-students as follows: To attain consciousness, it is helpful to act in the whole life as much as possible with natural things which have originated from the creation, and therefore are inspired/ have a spirit/ animated because thereby already the first recollection can take place.

While this experience is not possible by contacting artificial things because they are just weakly or no more inspired. If all human senses are in touch with natural things, and not blocked by artificial ones, this is already a good base.

If a person reflects all feelings in his soul during a deep meditation and finds a resonance

(love, state of spirit in everything), one lets this information climb from the soul to his mind. Having reached the mind this information should/ shall release a recollection because every cerebral cell was once already identical with the energy of the soul. Once the brain was already „true self“. During the whole pregnancy when the foetus developed, the soul influenced the brain to make it a material image of itself. Thus every person is born with „true self“ and therefore able to remember this state again. If a human gains information from the creative origin (comparable to a memory- game) in a deep relaxation (meditation) and if this information is congruent with the reconnaissance of the feeling of everything being inspired in the natural everyday life. And therefore your soul and your mind can celebrate wedding/ be re- united, consciousness is attained from your deepest inner origin, your creative love.

Then not simply knowledge but wisdom is born. In this way knowledge is not deposited/ collected in the mind, but this profound knowledge has been balanced with the origin knowledge of the soul and has been proved to be true. With such a knowledge people would never position themselves against the creation, destroy or exploit and exhaust nature. As this knowledge contains information which are identical with the all-embracing creative love which is never directed against something in order to favour other things. Give and take at the right time to strengthen the whole creation and not to promote personal material wealth.

Caused by negative energy fields there have been many different manipulations on the planet earth in the past, which prevented the true destination of this planet. So that for a long time people could only very laboriously develop according to their creative destination, in order to fulfil the sense of this creation.


But there will be a big change on this earth in the next time that makes it worthwhile again to develop according according to one’s creative destination into the light. The aid to do so will be stronger again than it used to be in the past. Because the manipulations could be overcome by deliberate perception of humans with the help of the purest love from the first sky and final sky and all other levels where creative development takes place. For a certain time now many spirits/ creatures are doing their best hand in hand with humans who act in a deeply conscious way to allow that the creative sense/ destination of this planet is once more getting possible by dissolving negative energy fields with their united love.


Now after having read the 7th. shamanic letter surely many questions remain open or come up. But this wonderful creation is just so complex that words can hardly tell. Further the fact that talking about this creation demands words for something spiritual and our material world does not know how to name.


Still we are hopeful to find objective readers who are looking for the truthfulness and finish this letter here with love in the heart.



Yours sincerely, Fohlis and HJH / Hans Jürgen Hummes the 17th may 2012”


Please regard the fact that the origin text is written in German. The traduction has not been made by a professional translator, so please excuse that there might be mistakes in the English version.


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